20 Healthy Homemade Drinks & Smoothie Ideas For Kids

A healthy lunch deserves a healthy drink! Kids love sweetened beverages, anything but boring water, they’re usually unhealthy due to the high sugar content. Since most kids are not fond of drinking plain water, to void dehydration, let’s round up some flavorful drinks out of natural and healthy ingredients. Combine water with natural fruit juices that are naturally flavorful and full of nutrients compared to many powdered, artificial juice drinks. Yes, it can be more time-consuming than water or milk, but it is a yummier, healthier alternative. To help you save your time from thinking about what healthy drinks to prepare, here are 20 simple, homemade, flavorful, and healthy fruit juices for your kids!

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Full disclosure, I don’t own this personal-size blender myself, but my neighbor/friend does. She has a big family with lots of little cousins so she makes them Mexican-style kids drinks for them from scratch. It’s really impressive what a personal blender could do, even something as small as this little guy! Adults use it too of course but it’s also great for kids. So let’s get started!

1. Creamy Homemade Yogurt Drinks

There are lots of yogurt brands in the grocery with artificial fruit flavors that our kids genuinely love. Why not save money from buying them those, and make your drinkable yogurt with real fruits? It’s just a matter of combining and blending all the ingredients before chilling and serving them. Easy-peasy!

Homemade Yogurt Drinks

2. Fresh Raspberry Limeade

In just three easy steps, you kids can already enjoy a raspberry limeade! You only need fresh lime juice, fresh or frozen raspberries, sugar, seltzer, and ice cubes to prepare this flavorful drink.

Raspberry Limeade

3. Natural Hydration Drink For Kids

Try this natural hydration drink if your kids want something flavorful but don’t want to give them drinks with artificial sweeteners! It’s also perfect for kids who have sports as it is rich in carbohydrates, especially if you add raw honey.

Natural Hydration Drink For Kids

4. Tangerine Raspberry Iced Tea

Beat the heat with this tangerine raspberry iced tea! It’s so sweet and refreshing but free from refined sugar, usually found on flavorful drinks. Besides having this drink with your kid’s packed lunch, it’s also perfect for summer getaways and pool parties with family and friends!

Tangerine Raspberry Iced Tea

5. Watermelon Cucumber Basil Seltzer

Watermelon and cucumber contain lots of water, making them perfect to create a refresher drink! You only need to put them together with the other ingredients like basil and lime juice flavor, then chill and serve with seltzer.

Watermelon Cucumber Basil Seltzer

6. Kid-Friendly Carrot Juice

Carrot is a very healthy vegetable, but not all kids can eat it as it is. So, we got this simple life-hack for you! Just toss carrots, pineapple, orange, and mango into a juicer to create a healthy kid-friendly drink. You can also add spinach in this juice, depending on how you like to prepare it.

Kid-Friendly Carrot Juice

7. Simple Kiwi Soda

Blend, stir, and serve this kiwi soda to your kids! It’s simple and easy as it will only take less than five-minutes of your time to prepare it on a going-to-school Monday routine!

Kiwi Soda

8. Delish Cucumber-Mint Spritzer

This cucumber-mint spritzer isn’t your ordinary refresher! You might find it a little weird because of the mint, but it’s actually healthy and delish. Just slice, squeeze, garnish, and serve it for your kids in five minutes!

Cucumber-Mint Spritzer

9. Flavorful Shirley Temple

This Shirley temple is a flavorful non-alcoholic drink perfect for your kids! You only need two minutes to prepare this drink, so it will not consume a lot of your time during morning prep of going to school.

Shirley Temple

10. Sugar-Free Strawberry Soda

Soda is an unhealthy drink, but you got it all wrong with this sugar-free strawberry soda! It is made with plenty of fresh and natural strawberries and carbonated water. Another good thing about this soda drink is that you can replace strawberries with your kid’s other favorite fruits.

Sugar-Free Strawberry Soda

11. Easy Berry Mango Slush Smoothie

This slushy drink is just a combination of fresh fruits, crushed ice, and flavored carbonated water. It’s an easy ten-minute preparation, so you still have plenty of time to do other morning prep for your kid’s schooling.

Berry Mango Slush

12. Refreshing Watermelon Lemonade

It’s a refreshing drink for summer’s heat! You only need fresh watermelon and lemon, sparkling water, honey, mint, and ice to serve this watermelon lemonade. Don’t worry because it only takes three easy steps to blend all these ingredients.

Berry Mango Slush

13. Fancy Slushberry Drinks

A slushy drink is similar to a smoothie but a little different. It’s more of an icy drink because you’ll need plenty of ice, frozen strawberries, club soda, and pineapple juice to create this fancy slushberry drink!

Slushberry Drinks

14. Orange Creamsicle Smoothies

This drink tastes like a combination of ice cream and smoothies, but a healthier version of those! Besides including it in your child’s lunch box, you can also serve it on breakfast, especially if you prepare plenty of it.

Orange Creamsicle Smoothies

15. Sparkling Raspberry Lemonade

This sparkling raspberry lemonade is a good recipe for those mums with plenty of raspberry fruits in the backyard garden. Summer is just a perfect time to make this lemonade because raspberries also bear fruits at this time of the year. So you can make good use of your raspberries and at the same time beat the heat!

Sparkling Raspberry Lemonade

16. Healthy Homemade Chocolate Milk

Chocolates are also considered unhealthy, especially if we eat too much. But, you can always turn it into a healthy dessert without adding any refined sugar, gums, or any additives if you try to make this healthy homemade chocolate milk. It only takes two minutes to blend and prepare this drink, so it will not take so much of your time.

Healthy Chocolate Milk

17. Kid-Approved Chia Fresca Drink

Some kids may not be fans of chia seeds, but it contains lots of nutrients that our body needs. So, you can try making this chia Fresca drink made with chia seeds, pineapple juice, and coconut water to create a more kid-friendly flavor and presentation for your kid’s drink.

Chia Fresca Drink

18. Homemade Cinnamon & Honey Soy Milk

Soy, honey, and milk are good combinations in terms of flavor and nutrients, so it’s another perfect option for your kid’s drink. But, it would be best if you prepared this overnight to ensure a more flavorful outcome. With that, this homemade cinnamon and honey soy milk are best for full-time mums.

Homemade Cinnamon & Honey Soy Milk

19. Probiotic Sparkling Apple Juice

Apple is a common fruit for everyone, and I think almost every kid loves this fruit. So for some twist, you can turn the “common apple fruit” into apple juice. You only need an organic apple juice and water kefir for this recipe, so you better try it!

Probiotic Sparkling Apple Juice

20. Non-Alcoholic Virgin Sangria – Mocktail

Cocktail drinks are not always alcoholic, just like this virgin sangria mocktail! It’s a refreshing drink that even kids can truly enjoy. You need plenty of fresh fruits, fruit juices, and much of your time to prepare this, but your efforts will be paid off when you know your kids enjoy this fruity drink!

Virgin Sangria - Mocktail

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