WORLD’S ONLY Reusable Educational Paper Placemats for Kids [Alphabet Bundle]

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Meal Nanny created a reusable placemat considered to be “the perfect breakfast invitation” for your kids to play & learn independently at the table.

Meal Nanny’s placemats are never boring. Just slip in a different double-sided ‘playliner’ paper into the writeable clear plastic placemat pocket – and viola! Meal Nanny will revolutionize the way you and your kids experience meals.

  • Each page teaches one letter of the alphabet. This bundle series is all about teaching children the alphabet.
  • Activities include A-Z handwriting worksheets, animal coloring pages, and mini puzzle games etc.
  • The placemat bundle comes in a set of 30 unique designs with 1 reusable plastic sleeve.
  • Perfect for little learners age 3 to 8.
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What To Expect In Your Package:

An innovative system of ever-changing placemat designs, puzzle games, and learning activities to make mealtime fun for kids and easier for parents. Every page of our placemat has a themed design and several interactive, educational activities printed on each side to keep them entertained, giving parents time to cook and serve up food.

You will receive 15 pages double-sided prints (30 designs) printed on high-grade stock paper. We use premium grade paper (similar to a postcard) that can easily be slipped in-and-out of our clear sleeve pocket cover.

A fun way to keep the kids occupied before a meal and make the entire lunch/dinner more fun. Also makes a great party supply for kids’ birthdays, gifts, restaurants, and weddings.

(15x) Meal Nanny’s Playliners:

Inspired from the 80s & 90s McDonald’s paper tray liners. There are 30 different designs printed on 15 pages double-sided. This bundle series is all about the alphabet! Activities include handwriting worksheets, animal coloring pages, and mini-games. Great for learning ABCs, learning about animals, and each page has lots of mini-games for kids.

Our playliners are made from high-quality, thick paper and filled from edge to edge with learning games and puzzle activities.

  • ~Diverse & unique designs
  • ~ High-quality heavy-weight paper.
  • ~Busy learning kids = happy parents
  • ~Educational & puzzle-solving skills
  • ~ Screen-free alternative. (No zombie TV or iPad instruments.)
  • ~Large rectangle shape (11×17 inches)

(1x) Plastic Pocket Placemats:

Pocket sleeves are the protective shell for our playliners. They are perfect to extend the life of any paper placemat from meal time mishaps. They protect from dirt, grime, and grease at the little hands of kids.

You will receive ONE (1) hardy-grade crystal clear paper pocket sleeve made from non-migrating vinyl with NO plasticizers or stearates. It’s a durable, thick, hard plastic crystal clear pocket sleeve that is reusable, heat resistant, water-resistant, and plasticizer & stearate-free

  • ~Wipeable (Dry Erase and Permanent Marker!)
  • ~Heat Resistant.
  • ~Reusable.
  • ~Wipe Clean.
  • ~No Color Distortion.
  • ~Plasticizer & Stearate Free.



1 review for WORLD’S ONLY Reusable Educational Paper Placemats for Kids [Alphabet Bundle]

  1. Cobus Bester

    The ninja silhouette is one of my favorite designs. This is a great product.

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