20 Eggstraordinary Egg Easter Treats Recipes

Children have plenty of things to look forward to on the day of the Easter celebration – egg hunts, egg decorations, bunny, games, foods, and the long list goes on! Besides being with friends and neighbors, they also get excited about having a family day on Easter because mom and dad are free from work which means they have lots of time to spend with family. To satisfy your children’s cravings on Easter, here are delicious Easter egg treats that are fun and flavorful to bite into!

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1. Easy Easter Egg Cookies

Kids love homemade cookies, especially if it’s prepared with a twist and appears new to their eyes. So if you want to explore something easy yet fun recipe on Easter, try these Easter egg cookies! You’ll only need simple baking ingredients usually present in your kitchen. It only takes three easy steps and less than an hour to prepare these goodies for your little ones.

Easy Easter Egg Cookies

2. Sweet Lemon Egg Curd Cookies

These sweet tart cookies is sandwiched with buttercream and topped with store-bought lemon curd, making it a perfect Easter treat! In just three easy steps, you can already enjoy your edible arts-and-crafts project with your little ones!

Sweet Lemon Egg Curd Cookies

3. Sophisticated Easter Egg Macaroons

French macaroons are among the classics, but it’s very open for different experiments. You just have to try doing one. There are many recipe reminders about to-do’s and not-to-do’s, but you can actually have it your way to avoid complicating the process. It will be worth the effort, anyway.

Sophisticated Easter Egg Macaroons

4. DIY Easter Basket Cake

Cakes are complicated and messy to bake, but if you’re really into baking cakes, you can try this DIY Easter basket cake. You’ll only need to prepare five essential cake ingredients for this cake recipe, and you’re ready to eat with your kiddos! Besides loving the cake, your kids will also enjoy helping you prepare it because it’s a fun and messy activity.

DIY Easter Basket Cake

5. Buttery Easter Egg Blondies

Kids totally love M&M Chocolates, so they will also love these buttery Easter egg blondies made with M&M milk chocolate eggs! It’s fast-paced, and easy-made Easter treats with just adding and mixing ingredients that you don’t even need a mixer! Despite the undemanding procedure, the soft blondie texture and crunchiness of the M&M chocolate shell still compliment each other.

Buttery Easter Egg Blondies

6. Easter Egg-Shaped Cookie Dough Truffles

We all know that dipping truffles might appear to be a difficult and frightening task, but they are quite simple. The lines on top are simply made by thinning the chocolate with a small amount of vegetable shortening and sprinkling with a fork. You see, you can perfect your drizzling skills with lots of practice!

Easter Egg-Shaped Cookie Dough Truffles

7. Salted Caramel Easter Egg Popcorn

The combination of caramel marshmallow popcorn, sea salt, pretzel pieces, and Pretzel M&M’s gives the magical taste of this salted caramel Easter egg popcorn. The blended sweetness and saltiness of the ingredients can lead you to non-stop eating of this goodie while having quality time with family. This Easter popcorn is definitely more delicious because it’s made with pure love.

Salted Caramel Easter Popcorn

8. Easter Rice Krispie Pop Treats

Rice Krispies are so popular with us back then, and I think our kids will surely fall in love with them too, especially with their pastel color coats. It’s a quick and easy treat, so it’s best for mums who have limited time to prepare some good snacks for their kids.

Easter Rice Krispie Pop Treats

9. DIY Speckled Egg Cake

All mums aren’t professional bakers, but we can make the most delicious spring-themed egg cake at home! It’s so lovely to put it on your table on Easter for your family and even your guests. This egg cake only takes simple ingredients that are easily found inside the kitchen, but you and your kids got to be patient while waiting for almost three hours. So, you better prepare them ahead of time.

DIY Speckled Egg Cake

10. Bite-Size Easter Egg Cakes

Enjoy eating Easter egg cakes, but save your time from baking homemade cakes. Buy it in stores instead! This cake is bite-size, but it’s detail-oriented. You have to be patient and creative at the same time while working with the coating.

Bite-Size Easter Egg Cakes

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11. Chewy Coconut Macaroon Nutella Nest

These macaroons are Spring and Easter-inspired treats. They are filled with spring colors, colorful chocolate egg candies, and dollop Nutella filling, making it more exceptional. These macaroons can be prepared in advance for two to three days before the day of celebration, so it’s perfect for mums who like everything set in advance!

Chewy Coconut Macaroon Nutella Nest

12. Mouth-Watering Easter Egg Cake

The colors of Spring and Easter are so relaxing and attractive to the eyes because they are purely pastel. That’s what inspires this mouth-watering Easter egg cake – the colors of Spring and Easter! You’ll need more ingredients here, but it will be worth it because kids will definitely love the lovely color combination of mini egg candies on top of the cake.

Mouth-Watering Easter Egg Cake

13. Customizable Easter Egg Buttercream Candies

The combination of creamy buttercream filling and rich dark chocolate will make your mouth water with this delicious goodie! It has a completely customizable filling because you can enjoy it with different flavors like lemon buttercream, coconut buttercream, strawberry, chocolate, orange, coffee buttercream, or peanut butter eggs!

Customizable Easter Egg Buttercream Candies

14. Mini Robin Egg No-Bake Cheesecake

If you want something that requires no baking and flexible with its flavor, try this mini robin egg no-bake cheesecake! You can let your kids help you prepare this because it’s just a matter of mixing, adding, and refrigerating them. With your kids helping, they can also pick out their desired flavors and prepare them independently.

Mini Robin Egg No-Bake Cheesecake

15. Stylish Bird Nest Easter Cupcakes

Cupcakes are familiar snacks to our kids, but let’s take them to a new experience on Easter! Let’s turn our classic cupcakes into a stylish bird nest Easter cupcakes, topped with homemade or store-brought frosting, shredded sweetened coconut, and M&M speckled Easter eggs candy.

Stylish Bird Nest Easter Cupcakes

16. Peeping Bunnies Cadbury Mini Egg Cupcakes

We can’t deny the fact that bunnies are cute, and the same goes for these peeping bunnies Cadbury mini egg cupcakes for Easter! They are made with simple buttery vanilla moist cupcake dressed with green icing grass, Cadbury eggs, and bunny candies on top. Can you imagine a bunny trying to climb and at the same time hide behind grasses before eating these cupcakes? I totally can!

Peeping Bunnies Cadbury Mini Egg Cupcakes

17. White Chocolate Easter Egg Candies

If you want something easy to prepare on Easter, these white chocolate Easter egg candies are perfect for you! With only five simple ingredients and a procedure of melting, mixing, and chilling, you can already enjoy having a treat on holiday!

White Chocolate Easter Egg Candies

18. Pastel-Striped White Chocolate Reese’s Eggs

These pastel-striped white chocolate Reese’s eggs are beautiful enough to include in your Easter treats! They require no baking and can be kept in a freezer for an hour before serving it. Their pastel colors with crumbly dough perfectly blend with the holiday color!

Pastel-Striped White Chocolate Reese's Eggs

19. Sticky Easter Egg Popcorn Bars

Let’s take popcorn into a whole new level with this sticky Easter egg popcorn bars! It’s a quick and easy recipe with flexible ingredients, wherein you can use mini Cadbury eggs for the Easter eggs, or switch it up with M&Ms or Reese’s Pieces, depending on what’s available or your favorite!

Sticky Easter Egg Popcorn Bars

20. Frosting-Filled Easter Egg Cookie

With the help of an egg template, it will be easier for you to bake this supersized easter egg cookie. You’ll surely have fun in decorating it with buttercream frosting in two different shades of pink, Make sure you filled the top with frostings!

Frosting-Filled Easter Egg Cookie


Make Easter Sunday personal and fun with these sweet treat egg & Easter-themed recipes. You can cook and prepare something special for kids and family, wow them, and make a memorable impression with these adorable easter desserts. Enjoy Easter happily and have together a great meal with kids, siblings, friends, families, and neighbors!

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